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This form is for Auserehlian System Owners, and their Staff
who have completed the Auserehlian Rug Cleaning Specialist course.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialist School that is a
requirement before taking the Advanced classes.

Registration Form for Advanced School
Next class - check back for exact dates

Complete this form and mail it to us with your
payment at the address show below.


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This five day school will be conducted at:

Castle Cleaning and Oriental Rug Company
565 Third Street; P.O. Box 1106
Berthoud, CO  80513
Phone (970) 532-2187 or Fax (260) 350-2293

  • Dates = Please check back for exact dates.

  • Enclosed is my payment, in full, of $2500.00 for this 5-day advanced class.
    This includes all of the books and manuals to be used.

  • Lunches will be provided each day

  • An itinerary & study manual will be sent to you upon receipt of
    your payment and this registration form.


Click here for Course Outline

Details regarding your personal life that you do not wish 
to become public (desirable but optional):


School Fees

Please print and mail this form to Castle Cleaning and Rug sales at the address below
Please call if you have any questions.


Registration packet includes:

  • Ski and sight seeing information

  • Air and ground transportation information

  • Hotel information

  • Class Itinerary

  • Maps

  • Tax write off information

  • Lease information

  • List of materials and class apparel



Auserehlian Training Facility
565 - 3rd Street
P.O. Box 1106
Berthoud, Colorado  80513

Phone (800) 795-5384
Fax (260) 350-2293



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