Classroom presentations include a series of Ron Toney’s “Almost indistinguishable from Magic” demonstrations applying principles of science which enormously simplifies all cleaning tasks.  Hands-on work is emphasized as students become
familiar with dry dust removal using the levitation process; the
wet cleaning and drying processes as well as identification & resolution of potential rug problems.  An actual loom is used to experience rug weaving & yarn spinning to understand rug construction.

You will apply compressed air and discover how safe and effective dry particle levitation followed with air entrained water and special drying systems can be.  The principals of physics, chemistry, biology and psychology are utilized so that you can do what no other cleaner can.

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Air, Dust, Wash, Rinse and Dry System  is studied in detail, to include classroom and hands-on in-plant experience.  You’ll gain an understanding of why this approach is the most safe, thorough and profitable.


Proper techniques will be covered while using the specialized components of an Air Dust, Wash, Rinse, and Dry System. Secrets of thorough, safe, no bleed cleaning are revealed in a hands-on fashion while actually cleaning rugs with an Air Dust, Wash, Rinse and Dry System.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  This is the “real” oriental rug cleaning specialist school.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning