This Advanced Class is for Auserehlian System Owners, and their Staff who
have completed the Auserehlian Rug Cleaning Specialist course

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1)  Back to Basics and going Forward

a)  Make sure you understand and follow the basic procedures properly;
b)  Learn how and when to incorporate our new information

2)  Chemical Advances

      a)  We’ve got new solutions for old problems such as bleeders, fringes, colors, odors and rinsing

3)  System Improvements

      a)  Accessorize your shop with new tools and techniques
b)   Maximize the efficiency of the system procedures with our improvements

4)  Technician Finesse

      a)  Know the psychology of the business and your clients
b)  Personalized hands-on training – DWRD

5)  Lots more on rug identification skills

      a)  New expanded sets of actual rug samples
b)  Answers for all of those unique and problematic rugs

6)  Reciprocal Links on the Internet

      a)  Network with your fellow Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialists
b)  Gain new customers with referrals
c)  Improve your ranking positions on the web.

7)  Can you fix this old rug?
 a)  Repair, conservation, restoration…what to do next.
b)  Dye bleed removal – hands on practice

8)  Documentation

      a)  Let’s go digital!

Oriental Rug Cleaning