Graduate’s Testimonials


We love hearing from our students over the years to continue to add to our rug school’s curriculum and always improve our classroom experience by staying in touch with our graduates.  Below are just a few of the letters we received from our past students…

Paul Moskal

May 5 2013

I started dreaming about cleaning oriental rugs back in the late 1980’s. I was first trained by a local business man who would pick up and deliver as part of his carpet cleaning business.

Back then we would vacuum, pre-treat, scrub, extract and dry them. Our biggest problem we had was the rugs would cover all our floor space.  As the years went by I started my own carpet business and rented a 1000 sq ft building and built a dry rack.  However, the rugs got so heavy the beam would leave a crease in the rug that I could not get out.  I needed to find a better way and started looking on the internet.  My first thought was some kind of machine to do all the work but the cost of each individual piece made it far too expensive.

Then I came across Auserehlian Oriental Rug Cleaning School in Berthoud CO.  My first phone conversation with Phil was back in early 2006.  We talked about the upcoming school in October and our discussions included the space needed, the business plan and all the marketing needed to make this happen.  Being in the carpet cleaning business for over 20 years I had a good client list I could start with immediately. It still took another year to get to the school in 2007.

When I got to Auserehlian & Co. for the first day of class we had 2 returning students and 11 new from all over the country and Canada.  Sitting near a man whose family had been washing rugs for the past 93 years gave me great comfort. From the first day thru the last day we learned about fibers, Construction, Dye’s and Soils.  The instructor who was a chemist taught us about the different types of soil.   How water, air and detergent all the basic elements to washing rugs could perform a structural washing form the inside out.

To support his instruction we had hands on demonstrations that made it very easy to understand. We took all of this instruction and went down to the wash room and spent hours and hours putting his theories to the test. When I saw the finished rug a day later I was so impressed – I had never seen a rug look that good before.  Not only did I get a great education but all the tools and equipment were available for me to live out my dream.

By February 2008 I was washing rugs in my own 2000 sq ft location in Tucson Az. The most valuable part of my new business has been the constant phone and in person visits to my shop and a return to Colorado to wash rugs again and learn even more. I have only scratched the surface from where I started but my future is very bright with a real plan on how to get to my destination of living on and playing golf whenever I want.

Paul Moskal
Airloom Oriental Washing Co.
Tucson AZ

Steve Arroll

Steve Arroll
S & S Rug Cleaners

Dear Phil:

Several days ago, Stoney and I left a very happy customer’s house.  She has two old Persians that she believed her cat had ruined.  Because of your system, however, we were able to get all of the urine out of the rugs.

We were laughing about how we’d previously cleaned rugs like hers…and I use the word cleaned loosely.  We would spend hours trying to clean the rugs, saturating them with enzymes and then extracting, all to no avail.

Now, since we implemented your system, we spend half the time and money and get unbelievable results.

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that.  Hoping all is well in Berthoud.  Business is going really well here.  Certainly can’t complain.  Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta during Market in January.  Thanks for everything.

George Gibson

George Gibson

Dear Phil:

It has been a pleasure working with you over the last several years.  In the latter part of 1996, we attended our first school on Oriental Rug Washing at your facility.  I and my former partner, Perry Mann, both share the feeling that it would have been very difficult to accomplish what we did without the extensive training received from you and Ron Toney.  Not only the technical aspects were instrumental in our success, but in addition, your occasions on account of our second move.  Another point seeing that I have been in the cleaning business for over 25 years, is your ongoing support after the training.  I have dealt with many, many suppliers over the years and I must say that your continuing help in dealing with problems we have faced have excelled above all others.  I would highly recommend your school to anyone who is interested.  It’s comprehensive, interesting and highly educational.  Finally, you and Ron make all feel very relaxed.

Sincerely, George Gibson of Oriental Rug Washing By George

Joe Farrell

Here’s another happy graduate…Joe Farrell

To Whom It may Concern:

Attending an Auserehlian Oriental Rug Cleaning School changed the whole way I approached my area rug washing business!  Phil’s school takes the student from the sheering of the sheep in the field to the presentation of the washed textile in the owners home.

Phil is a most knowledgeable technician and a gifted educator.  His primary focus is for the student to appreciate the business he is in and to become expert at discerning different wools, knots, dyes and cleaning methods.

Phil’s network of former students is a most impressive group of high-end cleaners restorers and their success rate speaks for Phil’s attention to detail in his school.

I highly recommend attending one of Phil’s schools.  A renewed passion for textile will be experienced.

Sincerely, Joe Farrell
IICRC Certified Master Cleaner
Oriental Rug Restorer

Bob Wittkamp

From:  Bob Wittkamp

To:  Ginny, Phil, Ron and Shawn (in alphabetical order)

Thank for a most enjoyable visit and a great oriental rug cleaning seminar.  Berthoud and Loveland are great getaway places, that’s for sure.

The seminar was educational, entertaining, exciting, informative and I am sure profitable for me.  The visit to the sheep farm was exceptional.  Seeing the fleece processed to yarn and then spun and woven was a once in a lifetime experience for a city boy and the rug repairman gave me a better feel for the time involved in this tedious task.

I recommend this class to anyone interested in learning about rugs or desiring to get into this lucrative, high-end market.

Thanks for a great learning experience.

Bob Wittkamp


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