The Auserehlian system, its development, its reputation and its growth are due to Ron Toney and Phil Auserehl.
Between these two instructors, you have 73 years of experience in the rug cleaning industry.

Cleaning and Restoration Certification IICRC – Formally IICUC

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Phil Auserehl

Phil is the author of several articles on Oriental rug cleaning for major publications and owner of Castle Cleaning and Rug Company, the premier oriental rug cleaning company of Northern Colorado.  Phil Auserehl’s dedication to simplicity and capacity for invention provide you with an easy way to save you from learning the hard way.  Phil is ready to share his knowledge of cleaning and the opportunities of the Auserehlian Cleaning System.  Phil is a Master Cleaner and Senior Claims Inspector and has been involved with the floor covering industry since 1969.  He has refined the unique Air, Dust, Wash, Rinse and Dry System.

During his 40+ years in the floor covering industry, Phil has developed and refined the unique particle levitation and water/air cleaning system which are thebackbone of the Auserehlian System.

More information about Phil Auserehl @ Castle Cleaning


Ron Toney

Ron’s excellence as a communicator and teacher resulted in almost 33 years as one of the industry’s leading presenters.

Ron Toney has conducted  classes all over the United States and Canada and authored articles on various cleaning topics as well as designed correspondence courses on the History and Cleaning of Oriental Rugs.  He is the owner of Fabric Master Systems, a premiere cleaning company specializing in investment textile cleaning.

Ron’s inquisitive nature and fascination with science have culminated in a detailed understanding of the process of cleaning and textile preservation.  He explains complex cleaning processes resulting in elegantly simply procedures which are extraordinarily effective.

More information about Ron Toney @ SST (Carpet School)

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