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Basic Oriental Rug Cleaning Equipment Package




Resource Information
Inflatable Wash Pit
Dust Cushion Grid
Wash Tread Grid
Air Wand Heads
Fringe Tool
Pneumatic Spotting Tool
That Handy Air tool
Total Package Price
Less Tuition Rebate (30 day purchase)

16 x 20 I.D.
10 x 16
16 x 20
(1) Dry and (1) Wet
120 lb
Hand-held complete system
Total $21,000.00
Tuition Rebate


Customize this wash pit to your requirements.

Customized Wash Pit sizes are available

*Air Compressor Suggested model (approx.) $ 8,500.00.
With a small investment, your average
return could be $4,000 daily.

These figures are based on 1000 s.f. of rugs
cleaned at $4.00 per s.f.

This can all be accomplished in the space of 2000 s.f. by one trained technician.
Larger volume production figures can be achieved, dictated only by your rug drying room capacity.

All Prices F.O.B. Berthoud, Colorado

Due to services and installation requirements, air compressors are purchased
from local distributors and are not part of the equipment package.

Oriental Rug Cleaning