Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialists – Arizona



  1. We own and operate the complete Auserehlian Cleaning System;
  2. An Auserehlian trained Oriental rug cleaning specialist performs the duties of the cleaning of the rugs.
  3. We abide by the Auserehlian Cleaning System procedures
  4. We offer all guarantees, warrantees, assurances and/or commitments in written form for our customers and release Auserehlian and Company from any and all liability and hold them harmless.

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Airloom Oriental Rug Cleaning
140 South Camino Seco
Suite #425
Tucson, AZ  85710

Paul Moskal
Telephone = 520-571-1703
Email = or Webmaster@

What Paul says

The most valuable part of my new business has been the constant phone & in person visits to my shop.

And, I go back to Auserehlian Alumni School as often as I can to learn even more.  I’ve only scratched the surface from where I started, but my future is very bright with a real plan on how to get to my destination of living on and playing golf whenever I want.

By Paul Moskal
Airloom Oriental Washing Co.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning